Friday, August 31, 2007

super neko

ok. i haven't even been at my new job for a month yet and they are already making me a supervisor! hell yeah! my first quarter duty is to be in charge of cleaning [duties rotate with 3 others] shit! i know some of you are laughing right now because you know how i love to organize everything...[making me happy and requesting my services to re-organize your crap] and that i am boarderline ocd on being a neat/clean freak. never mind that pile of dirty work clothes that seems to have manifested on the floor of my zen den. or the t-shirts intertwined in there that are decorated with random paint splatters. that's the monkey side of me surfacing.

at any rate my new bosses go lucky when they hired me. or was it i got lucky when they hired me? not sure yet what's going on in this crazy fishbowl i now reside in. maybe i really am if only i'd get to the good part where my soul mate finds me!...

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