Tuesday, November 6, 2007

aloha in seattle...

i had a bit of hawai'i today on my split...and it really brightened the overcast seattle sky. at least in my eye. i finally checked out the surf shop in fremont just a block away from blue c and made a new friend. or acquaintance. whatever. the toes on the nose owner of the shop. yet another really nice and friendly inhabitant of the fishbowl. in the 3 months i've been here i've met more really friendly and interesting people that own their own shops or work in a small local one than i have in the 33 years i've been in the litterbox. somehow that is really sad. people there just aren't as friendly. they kinda ignore me when i walk into their shop and force me to steal goods in retaliation.

i learned a bit about seattle surf culture. how its far more laid back and community oriented...more about the journey and experience[s]. non-aggressive wave riding and being attuned with nature. sounds pretty cool. jeff [the owner] said he gives lessons in may. i probably won't get to try surfing in kauai'i next year since it would be winter...so i'm definately going to try to do it at least once here. also on the list is kayaking in vancouver b.c. with the orcas....and mas. he said he'd definately be down to that if i go.

i also bought a dress.


yeah, i know.

...and i know i'm not supposed to be spending my money. but how often do i see a dress i like and feel comfortable in? its been a bit cold. something just may have frozen over.

we'll put that to the test. 2 sundays from now they are holding taiko auditions!

yeah, i know.

...so universe...MAHALO! [even if i don't make the cut...i never thought i'd get to even do taiko let alone buy a dress just because]

Monday, November 5, 2007

save this...

daylight savings.

hmmm. interesting concept.

why is it i never had to experience this in the litterbox where there is an abundance of daylight, hot fucking daylight that needs to be saved. or deposited you know where.

yeah, i know i don't really get it. and i'm a college graduate. i'm pretty sure i was sleeping or doodling during that class. most likely i just didn't go.

anyway it's weird.

fremont and its blue c monkey are just lucky i didn't have to work today because i would have unleashed all this pent up anger and frustration had i found out i went to work way too early. or would i have been late. either way it would have been an all to easy excuse for me to break something. possibly myself.

and yet one more reason the fishbowl is so exciting. who knew one hour could be such a troublemaker!