Monday, November 5, 2007

save this...

daylight savings.

hmmm. interesting concept.

why is it i never had to experience this in the litterbox where there is an abundance of daylight, hot fucking daylight that needs to be saved. or deposited you know where.

yeah, i know i don't really get it. and i'm a college graduate. i'm pretty sure i was sleeping or doodling during that class. most likely i just didn't go.

anyway it's weird.

fremont and its blue c monkey are just lucky i didn't have to work today because i would have unleashed all this pent up anger and frustration had i found out i went to work way too early. or would i have been late. either way it would have been an all to easy excuse for me to break something. possibly myself.

and yet one more reason the fishbowl is so exciting. who knew one hour could be such a troublemaker!

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