Friday, September 7, 2007

frisky kitty...

i've been in the fishbowl for exactly 1 month today. and yes, i'll come up with an even more endearing and somehow offensive name for my new homeland soon. its just been way too nice here to come up with anything yet.

so i've decided that there is something seriously wrong with phoenix. well, actually i guess i've always known this. but having moved to a city of nearly polar opposites has afforded me a slightly more omniscent view. since i've moved i've noticed lots of things that are different [i can digress about this in a later blog...i'd be fun]...and each one puts favor in the seattle column. someplace finally overriding portland and vegas. yes, i said vegas. not because of the endless locales and hours of prostit-i mean gambling available. because that was the first place i moved away to and i'd say i had been there for about a month when i blatantly got hit on. by a girl from portland. and when i was in portland visiting kevin and chung, all the while checking things out 'cause i was itching to move there...yup. one month. i got 3 girls checking me out. there was probably more...but you all know how non observant i can be sometimes. but i caught 3, made solid eye contact and got a smile. so you know where this is going. one month. if there were others i am again oblivious. and this is probably one of the reasons why i am still single. [yes t-chan...i know what the #1 reason is! :)] but i caught on to this least i am pretty sure. and as i was telling bud...i'll just keep telling myself that and be happy.

i went to the bank today to deposit my first full check! and boy was i move yet again vaildated. [i still make hella less than the girls at ra, but more than i was making there!] not only that...but the teller was totally flirting with me. [this is where i am telling myself she was] because she was. :) i wanted to hit on her sure. i even legitimately had to go back to the bank 2 more times to see the account specialist [set up a new washington account and got $100 free as a welcome! fuck yeah!-another reason] i had 2 more chances. but i thought that would be inappropriate. it is a bank. here's me with my backpack, bed head hair, dishevealed clothing handing over a note so indiscretely as to not cause trouble for the girl and yup. that's me on tv mistakenly being thrown to the ground by security for what appears to be a stick up threat! whee hee. maybe i'd get frisked again and have some excitement once they get to the knife on my belt buckle and in my pocket. now wouldn't that be fun!!

there's always my next visit. i'm sure i can come up with a reason to go in the lobby. you know i will. if anything i'll get exercise walking down and up the hill to market street. shit. i went up and down the hill a total of 6 times today! and my legs feel like spaghetti. or rather udon!

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