Saturday, August 11, 2007

that other job

i just got back from being a bad kitty and shopping in ballard. i found birthday gifts for my dear friends back in hell though. i know they'll be mad since i am not working yet and am pretty close to broke. but that's to change real soon. the broke part.

i also went for a ride with my couz who was running errands. he took me down aurora. used to be main drag through seattle. he said there were now only gangsters and hookers. hookers! didn't see any though. but did see the porno shop and strip clubs...where i saw some hottie get her shit out of a hummer. and i said...that's what i'm going to do on the side! be a topless dancer!!! hell, she's got a hummer, must be making the big bucks! not that i want a hummer. fuck no! just the money. makes sushi...and dances topless!

ok. not really. it's a great idea in theory to get out of debt and spoil my friends with gifts and trips and such. but i hate dancing...i have like 3 left feet. picture that with getting naked. ...yeah, not a pretty sight. plus i don't have big boobies. but some of you know i'm not shy about dropping the clothes. ...there was that one kauai'i photo shoot where i surprised everyone...

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