Sunday, August 19, 2007

bus monkey

well, having left the truck behind has left me with lots of exercise by way of running after the bus to get to work. or home after work in the middle of the night. i missed the bus one night because i didn't get out of work on time and didn't feel like sitting at the bus stop for nearly an hour so i called my couz and she ever so kindly picked my ass up.

i do enjoy getting on the wrong bus and having to walk extra blocks and blocks home because i don't like to read what bus is collecting me and i just jump on. or off. its ok. exercise is good for me...and the weather and scenery here kicks ass!

i'm loving riding the bus. keeps me out of more accidents. now i just get to watch them happen right outside my window and not be responsible! today the bus tried to take out this lady and her fancy golden car. when she finally noticed the side of the bus was trying to eat her mirror and give the front end complimentary liposuction because she was in the way, she freaked out and sped off. it was pretty funny.

i also love that it takes me an hour to get to work. when i only live 15 minutes away...if i drove myself. but hell...this way i get to listen to music, get in my meditation time, and daydream! oh right, i did all that when i was driving. that explains the beautiful custom exterior of my former truck.

and the people that get on the bus are funny. me included. i like to make up stories with myself about what they do, where they are going, why they are on the bus, why are they making that face, and did that girl just sit next to me because i was the most harmless looking? someone should warn her.

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