Saturday, August 11, 2007

friday fun

so today my cousin treated me to a cut and color makeover! i'm now short and spiky/messy again...and blue/black! a color that i don't think i've done yet. [my hair is naturally chocolate brown if you were wondering] its weird looking at myself in the mirror because the last few months i've had crazy bright colors. like the crayola factory exploded on my head when i wasn't looking.

i also went with my new little brother...down to the bar that's connected to the barber shop where i got my hair done. yeah, funny huh? i had the perfect neko burger...the king's burger. which comes with bacon, mushrooms, sauted onions, cheese....and sweet potato fries! fuck yeah!!! oh. and lettuce, tomato, onion...and one immensely tiny pickle! i had to take a picture...and worried the server who asked if everything was ok.

i also somehow kept that all down after having a glass of pinot evil before the trek to downtown ballard....a pint of moose drool before, during and after the meal [i'm a lightweight that doesn't like beer...but i couldn't resist with that name!] ...and a shot my little bro said i must have called a washington apple. it was delicious! i could drink a busshel of those. and i did pass out on the living room rug with bob purring away on my chest. ...although my cousins came home to find me sprawled out with the kitty under the chair curled up by my hand. too bad they didn't take a picture of that! you'll just have to use your imagination!...

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