Thursday, August 9, 2007

transplant complete

i've finally made it up to my new home. and unfortunately i've spent too much time changing most of my profile so i am pretty tired and running on fumes. i'm also a little cold sitting here in my zen den [developed by my cousin for me!-yeah, i already know i'm a lucky bastard] the bed is looking mighty inviting! my hoodies didn't make it yet...i seriously think they went to minnesota and then back to phoenix even though the ups guys told me they intercepted it. well, today the last 2 boxes i sent out when they told me they fixed their mistake came already. maybe my cousin's ups man is boycotting those 13 boxes i warned him about...because he already had to try and deliver 7 big heavy ones 3 times before i was present to sign for them. i am not sure what i packed in those other boxes besides my hoodies, jackets, shoes, and i guess they can mysteriously explode. besides...the computer and art came...and those are the most valuable things i own. ...especially since i gave away everything else.

so the best part of the trip here was being the lucky recepient of further security scrutiny. hmmm...did i spell that right? fuck it. you know what i'm saying. don't you? that i won a free frisking from a cute security officer. yes, i said cute. a little more to the left i said. its a good thing tris reminded me to put my knives in my ship though baggage. ...and i luckily remembered to put away the 4 on me and really big one in my messenger bag. yup. don't want to mess with me in the parking lot. i'll gladly let you get up close and personal with one or all of them.

and then the weirdest thing that happened was that one of my bags was having a good ole time riding the carosel when i got down to baggage claim [with the other one hot on its heels]! what?! i promise i went directly from my seat to baggage claim without passing go and collecting 200 dollars. well, ok...the guy that sat next to me just shadowed me off the plane. but we were speed walking through the terminal pushing elderly folk aside and kicking kids the back of kids heels. i think he was sad that i am not working at ra anymore. he actually asked me if he gave me his name if i'd hook him and his wife [who wasn't on the plane] up. um, yeah...right. i didn't even get to hook my friends up! ok. that was a lie. i shared my last employee meal of beef teriyaki with sheets.

that was a great night. the best night i had working there. because it was my last night. never mind i had to train my mediocre replacement...some haole girl that started out making what i ended making in tip percentage. something is seriously wrong there! if i had blond hair and big boobs i probably wouldn't have started out at 0 for a few weeks. but i digress...and who cares about all that anyway? past is past...i only care to remember that it was the best night there because my friends came in to say goodbye and the boys let me leave early [it was dead] so i could go have dinner with them and relax. i also got to help out my favorite server there [like she needed it] by having the hostess sit my friends in her section. sadly i didn't ever get to hang out with her, but at least i got to a tiny bit at work and my friends all got to meet her...and my other two favorite servers that are brave enough to take me on as a friend. they made my night [and that of a few of my friends] by coming out and hanging with me until what, 4am? bonus karma points for them!

i'm already missing my brother and childhood friend [who stayed up for me to say goodbye at 4am when my ride to the airport came to collect me]. i even miss my pseudo brother i never saw since he got a girlfriend [now fiance]. and i especially miss my little sister! not to mention her mom all the great friends i made off of her. ok...and elvis doggie too. but i know they will at some point all be up here to visit me. and i still get to bug them by phone and email. yay for free long distance and verizon in.

and now i'm really tired. all i have to say is that you can drink the water here out of the tap! oh...i guess YOU already do if you drink dasani! ha ha.

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