Thursday, May 17, 2007

alcoholics dream

should i ever feel the need to take up a new hobby like drinking myself silly and careening out of reach of the snobsdale pd having a dui ticket giveaway extravaganza during my personal race home from work...well, it wouldn't cost me a dime. ...ok. that's not entirely true. and i promise next time to leave the customary obnoxiously overweight neko thank you under the glass for the bartender to find once my disappearing act commences. last time i left 10 in theory i'm not the jerk that i think i am. i doubt that the girls were giving me free booze out of the kindness of their hearts. cute girls like that don't give girls like me free shit...definately not 3 times in a row...unless they had been doing some quality testing on the clock and mistook me for the handsome head chef. so here's to free booze for sushi wranglers and their generous employers that will rescue us all from jail in this wonderful no tolerance state of ours should our tired feet not be heavy enough on the go pedal!

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