Tuesday, June 5, 2007

it pays to look down

on the way out of the grocery store tonight i pushed my cart right over what i thought was going to be someone's discarded trash. i happened to quickly glance down and noticed it was a $20 bill! i stopped in my tracks and looked around me to see who could have dropped it. there was no one nearby and so i snatched that bill up and continued on my way. i can tell you that i don't feel all that great about it...i would like to have given it back to its rightful temporary owner. but being cash, anyone would have gladly staked a claim to it. i'm just going to try to accept it, and that perhaps the universe is telling me something.

looking down all the time has its advantages. finding wayward bills, chips on the casino floor in vegas, and seeing you put your slippers on the wrong feet on your way in the store!

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