Saturday, March 17, 2007

bomb this

no sake bombers tonight. its a night full of irish car bombs. or in my case a midori sour. not so much a celebratory drink for the day of the shamrock except that its a most beautiful hue of green. unlike its counterpart when you've had too much to drink and make your own personal homage with all that deliciously fatty corned beef and cabbage for take two.

not much to say these days other than making the tellers at the bank speculate as to how the hell i am making it as a stripper when i come in and ask to change up that stack of one's. all my hard work thus far has paid off to a 30% share of the tips. how they figure that out is a mystery to me considering my slanty eyes don't grant me stellar mathematical skills. i'm an art major remember...that stereotype i do follow. or at least make people think i follow.

but i'm having deep down underneath all that stress of whether or not i'll have to sell the other kidney in order to pay rent next month shouldn't really matter. money isn't everything. i made bank at my last job as an artist assistant...but in the end wasn't as happy as i would have liked. but it sure would be nice to pay my bills and keep that ulcer at bay so that when its time for me to move on i can kampai that sake bomber with you while working and not spend my entire unemployment check on tums.

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