Thursday, April 3, 2008

queen of the mountain...

i did it!
today i rode my bike all the way to work and all the way home...all the way up that hill without getting off and taking the bike for a walk!!!
i'm proud of myself dammit. i hardly exercise and haven't been on a bike since i was in college riding around like a speed demon dodging peds and idiot sun devil drivers from stupid lot 59 to campus. [lot 59 is like over a mile away...more like 5 when its freaking 120 outside]
this is even more fun than taking an adventure on the metro.
i get to check out everyone's ass as they speed on by me putting along.
and yes, i live on a hill. really. i do.
everyone laughs their ass off at me and says its a slope. or try to convince me its just a street really. queen anne is on a hill. but i say its a HILL.
c'mon...i'm from phoenix. anything that has an incline more than flat is basically a hill. ok. there's a few mountains to tattoo with knobby tires. squaw peak mountain. camelback mountain. south mountain. but if you're commuting and not just blowing off steam...everything is basically flat as my japanese ass.
and you can just kiss that because i hauled it up the fucking hill home!

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