Friday, March 28, 2008

spring in seattle is one mother...

i'm pretty sure mother nature is off smoking pot with the rest of seattle....that stinking hippie chick. wasn't the first day of spring last week? apparently it was everywhere else but here. if i was back in phoenix i'm sure i'd be spouting off about how its supposed to be spring-so why does it feel like all hell broke loose to have spring break here?!
speaking of spring break. that started today for seattle schools.
but it was snowing.
guess someone didn't get the memo. we just celebrated with jesus on his pogo stick collecting aborted bunny eggs to nest in his crown of thorns and now god's dandruff is littering the landscape. i'm not complaining...i love it when it snows and rains. i just miss spring...i mean summer in phoenix when the tank tops and flip flops come out of hibernation. * it ever tank top and flip flop weather up here in seattle??

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