Sunday, March 23, 2008

oh jesus...egg pooping bunnies!

the great white god of fornication left us some of his pooped out walleyed offspring at our back door this morning. this elicited great joy from the two resident artists, m-chan and i, as we collaborated in an impromptu art project in response. 15 minutes and a diorama entitled "rest in peeps" was resurrected! complete with metallic cross, nails accessorizing bunny jesus, recently deceased uni eared chocolate bunny, egg pooping chicks and some of my misfit asian bunnies from asu days. which by the way...if you happen to carry 3 gallon sized ziplock bags crammed with slanty eyed peeps popping pills, drinking beers and smoking cigs into your carry on bag through airport security, rest assured you will baffle them. i nearly avoided my second pat down and private interview from trying to relocate my "yellow fever contained" peep project!

on a somewhat unrelated note...before retiring for bed i was looking in the mirror and saw not my rudolph red alcohol intolerable face but dimples. its a miracle! not one...but two sets! holy shit. i'm either smiling and laughing more [here one would relate back to the previous paragraph]...or i'm getting fatter. could be both because i ate so much delicious food tonight [including 2 lamb chops and the best upside down pineapple cake ever] that i don't care if the ghost comes and smothers the life out of me tonight because i am so content. that and wishing i could just drink my dinner out of a straw tomorrow because i'm stuffed like that easter ham you just ate. who's better than us tonight? no one. ...and no, not him either.

see you in hell...

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