Tuesday, February 19, 2008

mexi fries...

since moving to seattle i've found amusing differences in various things from what i've grown up knowing in phoenix. one of them is blue c's answer to japanese french fries. deep friend panko breaded cubes of russet potatoes drizzled with tonkatsu sauce. i guess they can really be compared to tater tots. which i just found out are really called mexi fries. in phoenix mexican french fries would most likely be deep fried cornmeal breaded jicima. not up here in the pacific northwest where taco time takes up where taco bell leaves off. this is where they sell mexi fries. which are in reality those tasty barrels of crunchy joy we all know from our grade school cafeteria. they also sell fish tacos which look suspiciously like fish buritos. i'm going to chalk it all up to the fact that seattle is so far from mexico that a few things got lost along the way.

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