Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy hollow weenie

i almost managed to slip under the trick or treat radar this year. almost. i can't even remember if it was last year that i made my sad excuse for a costume. [this would be the killer whale hoodie i made] i say pathetic because being an artist someone always gives me grief for not finding this my favorite day of the year with my panties in a bunch stoked over showing off my creativity and twisted artist humor. something happened along the way that really put the poo in the flaming bag on my door stoop. you'll have to try blackmailing my therapist if you want to get some of that doctor patient privilege backstory.

so thanks to one of my bosses, heather [a real life anime character] i partook in the spirit of promoting accelerated tooth decay and type 2 diabetes in my fellow fremont residents. i was once again thrown outside my confort zone as heather [whose first name is mariko-so now i think of the little one over in the windy city whenever i work with her] dressed me up as a ninja. we 3 lunch monkeys [heather, scott and i] were ninjas. pretty cool because they included me and along with the kick ass servers put another tick for today in the ok column. its a small step for this little ninja neko. we did a group photo...but i that was on someone else's camera. i had my ususal unphotogenic face on so you're not missing anything. if i were a cool i'd have looked like the 3 dinner monkeys! [heather, mas, and scott]

and i have to show you all the store manager nicole. hapa girls rock. [she's irish+japanese] and my theory is still holding true: mom japanese=less asian looking. so, not only is the fremont store so fucking cool because i feel more at home, but its all girls in charge here. shit...look what my boss made and dressed up as! [she's a spicy tuna hand roll if you couldn't figure it out] kinda made me jealous that my creativity goes into hiding. i wish i had a group picture because the girls all made their own costumes and they were way cool.
so yeah. fremont rocks. i'm officially making my home there as of today. not only am i going to be getting more exercise since getting to fremont requires more walking [or teleporting-mental exercise] to the bus...but also a sore ass. i felt like i was getting my ass kicked today during lunch [which wasn't really busy] and it felt oh so good. finally a challenge. and my co-workers surprised me with a starbucks americano and breakfast muffin dealie. yes, i know. i am anti-starbucks. [not to mention i don't drink coffee...i'll have to tell them for next time] i am working on getting over that. some of you know why. time to move on make new experiences...better experiences. apparently the chefs treat each other. pretty cool. a tick for starbucks in the ok column.

so as october comes to a close i have 2 taiko lessons under my me a workout, source of release, and another activity that is kicking me in the ass. damn. i'm going to need one of those hernia cushions pretty soon. last sunday my arms got all tounge tied with the new song we were short term memory went into full effect by the time we got to the third line because i then couldn't remember learning the first...and after the lesson my head felt like it was ready to do its own little don-kara-kara-don.

i did run into this mario style shroom out by auntie's place before i went to class. no, t-chan...i didn't eat it.

and this is what fall looks like in the fishbowl. [this was on a walk to work one day when i got off the bus at the wrong spot] ...[yeah, i day i'll figure out this bus thing] living in my new home is such a treat. and a trip. as i still stare out my limo [metro] windows [or m's on a car ride-i'm like a puppy] at the water, boats, and hills right in the middle of the city! [weird]...and oh yes, my favorite...crisp slate sky above me...ready to take a leak at any given moment. i've already forgotten what the litterbox looks like...believe it or not. and the s.a.d. is kicking in as i am really missing my friends and everything is catching up to me. luckily there is a chocolate factory just around the corner from where i work. and they give out free chocolate samples! oh shit...

fremont really is the center of the universe!

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