Wednesday, July 4, 2007

sushi bombs

do you know how entertaining it was to celebrate independence day the japanese way? hiding little chinese firecrackers inside every scallop dynamite roll we sold that would commence a sneak attack on the customers was genius. scallops embedded up nostrils and viva roll toupees-fez! well, at least those unlucky bastards that sat in my section received a special dynamite fireworks show. we all picked different rolls. i really wanted to spark the crazy monkey because burning mango would just smell better. and because i'm the resident monkey chef.

...and this is why i fucked up on so many rolls today. i was off in my own little world daydreaming about blowing shit up. but hey...i got a 10 tip from two funny guys that let me mess with them and made my day by sending it right back. i made fun of them for coming in to have sushi on the 4th of july...that they should have been sitting in the pool with a brewskie and hotdogs grilling. you can grill while in the pool you know, its not like taking a bath and microwaving popcorn. they said it was too hot to being 119 and all. the best part was the one guy who looked like his hangover beat mine asked me for a real utensil because "this cracker can't deal with the chopsticks anymore!" why can't all my customers be like that? or the two ladies that i had. one was a return customer i recgonized and she asked me to recommed something good that didn't have raw fish in it. i sugessted the spicy lobster. [this is because of how much i just love to make this roll] while they were chowing down on their one roll apeice i asked how it was. i got 4 thumbs up and then i said good, because i forgot that the fish in it was raw. ha ha ha. they laughed and it was great.

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