Wednesday, November 15, 2006

painting the litterbox

if you've somehow found your way to my page and to this blog hit this link:

i think even more fun than attending the photo shoot and getting to hold the other python [the bigger sister to the one in the picture] for 2 hours was....... pretending that i knew what the hell i was doing in tackling that project...which by the way i did for free as a favor to the great lowbrow master mike maas [who did all the art for that issue] and was left with only 3 days to do a monsterous 9 foot by 12 foot backdrop[minus the 9 hours i was at work for those 3 days]. wouldn't have mattered...i am notorous for procrastinating on projects because the pressure keeps me more focused, working faster and my creativity out of control. at least that's what i tell myself. back there i said pretending because i usually make anime like stuff on a small scale. and i say anime because if i said manga you probably won't know what i am talking about. but hey!...i am always down for a new challenge! ...maybe i should post that giant mosiac of the arizona diamondbacks logo that i designed and helped work on at bank one ballpark in the famous pool area. oh, and incidentally i had unintentionally painted the face of jesus in the side of camelback mountain...a valley landmark. camelback mountain...not jesus. but you can't see it. because you're still looking at the hot naked girl wearing only a fig leaf and new fangled boa! [lame pun was intended] ...i don't know about you...but that apple is making me hungry...

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